Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most common and frequently asked questions as well as each answer. If you have any more open questions to which you cannot find answers on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime through our contact.

How long does the AFF course take?

The duration of the course depends on each individual while each student sets his own pace for the jumps and depends also on other factors like weather, sunset times, condition etc. However, the average duration to finish the complete AFF course is appr. 3-4 days. In another 2-3 days, all your needed solo jumps (consolidation jumps) can be managed as well.

When do AFF courses start?

There are no set course dates as the courses are run individually for each student and can be organized during the whole year (365 days). Pick your best suitable dates for your trip and confirm them with us.

How many jumps can I do per day?

The number of daily jumps depends on you, your energy and physical condition (adrenaline takes a lot of energy) as well as your budget. Most students reach an average of 2-4 AFF jumps and an average of 3-5 consolidation jumps per day.

What do I need to bring to the course?

As we will provide you with all the necessary rental skydiving material (jumpsuit, helmet, goggles, altimeter), please make sure to bring comfortable and sportive clothing and shoes. Sneakers are preferred for jumping. During the winter, we also recommend to wear long sleeves and to bring tight gloves, hat and scarf according to the seasonal climate.

If you wear glasses, bring your sporting glasses or lenses. If needed you can wear your glasses during the jump, for the skydive we will provide you with skydiving goggles to wear on top of your own glasses.

Do I need to see a doctor and bring a medical?

For the AFF course there is no need to bring a doctors medical. If you are uncertain about any possible physical limitations however, we recommend to consult your doctor (regular house doctor, no flight doctor required) – just to be on the safe side. Prior to start the course, you will have to sign our “student waiver” which excludes any physical limitations that might impair the skydiving activity, such as heart problems, epilepsy, diabetis, etc. If you have any doubt, please contact us for double checking prior to book your course.

Is there any age or weight restriction for skydiving?

By Skydiving Federation law, students must have a minimum of 16 years of age. In addition, minors have to present written parental authorisation for jumping (AFF course and Tandem jump). There is no maximum age restriction as long as the student is physically fit and meets the “student waiver” requirements (see FAQ above regarding medical).

The student must meet a good physical condition and body posture. In general, the min. weight limit is 45 kg and the max. weight limit is 100 kg and the body height should be min. 1,50m and not exceed 2m. For any doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Where can I skydive when I finish my AFF course?

Once passed AFF, you are eligible to go skydiving at any Dropzone or Club worldwide where a skydiving training center is integrated as you are still in student status. Once you also have achieved your skydiving license (A-license) you can jump at any Dropzone/Club no matter if there is a school connected or not.

I have never jumped before. Is the tandem skydive the first jump?

Without any previous experience, you can start your AFF course right away and jump AFF Level 1 as your first skydive. The courses are designed for beginners and you will be taught all the necessary requirements in the ground school prior to jumping in order to feel secure and confident about your first jump. The tandem jump is not mandatory, however a good way to be introduced to the free fall in a more relaxed and less pressured environment.

If you are uncertain about purchasing the full AFF Course, you have the option to try first the tandem skydive or to book the AFF First jump course which consists only on AFF Level 1 jump (and ground school).

I already have done static line jumps. How can I convert this towards AFF?

Previous experience with static line jumps definetely will help you while training AFF as you are less nervous and prepared for a good plane exit position. There are some parts in the ground work which you need to learn and you will go through the same process of the AFF programme as other students. If you have jumped static line with a delay of already 10 seconds, we can start your AFF with Level 3. Contact our Office if you have further questions regarding the convertion.

What exactly are the so called “consolidation jumps” or „solo jumps“?

Once you have been graduated from your AFF Course, you are still officially a “student in consolidation status” being supervised by an instructor. During the next jumps which you will do on your own, there are still some skills for you to learn and to perform while receiving learning aims and feedback of your previous AFF instructor on each jump. During those appr. 10 solo jumps you will gain more confidence and routine before working on the next step of your skydiving career: the A-license which you can acquire with a minimum of 25 jumps in total.

When I finish my AFF Course, do I get my license right away?

Finishing and passing the AFF Course does not make you eligible for the A-license right away as this would be a later hurdle and requiring more skills. For the A-license, there is a minimum of 25 jumps needed as well as fulfillment of other skills like formation skydiving basics, packing a parachute etc. For all of that you need appr. 2-3 weeks time to finish it.

What happens if I do not finish my AFF Course?

In case you are not able to finish your AFF Course for whatever reason, the remaining of the course can be finished at a later point. The unused AFF Level jumps will be credited and will be on hold for a timeframe up to one year (12 months) after booking.