AFF Training

AFF Method

Learning how to skydive with the AFF method is the newest, quickest and most efficient training option and you can become a skydiver in just a matter of days. AFF is the most effective training as you will right away (after the theoretical ground school of 6-7 hours) start jumping from an altitude of app. 13500 ft while receiving in-air tuition during free fall by the instructors who will accompany you. This way you can learn and perform directly on each jump.

The AFF training method is worldwide accepted and similar in each country. Our basic AFF course consists of 7 AFF Level jumps from app. 13500 ft (ca. 4000m) altitude.

Each AFF level jump holds a target learning objective (TLO)/goal for which you will be prepared on the ground prior to the jump. The goal has to be fulfilled in order to pass to the next AFF level jump. The instructor’s camera will record you in the air giving good feedback analysis after the jump. Each individual acts differently in the air and even though most students pass each AFF Level with only one jump, there might be a moment during the course when a repeating of one level jump might be required. In general, due to the video feedback and the thorough practice on the ground, the goals are simple and clear in performance.

AFF Level jumps

On the first 3 AFF Level jumps you will be accompanied by two instructors who will be flying on each side of you. Both instructors will give you feedback in the air by showing you different hand signals. The goals of the first three AFF jumps are mainly to learn stability in free fall, altitude awareness and unassisted opening of your parachute.

From AFF Level 4 to 7, you will be accompanied only by one instructor who releases you and who will evaluate your free fall skills (on your own), controlled movements, such as turns, loops etc.

During the AFF Course and while jumping, you will also receive tuition on all aspects of the skydiving sport, such as checking your proper parachute equipment, canopy control and landing patterns. For the first canopy landings, you will receive guidance from your instructor via radio connection. As the course continues you will progress a lot and find yourself more confident about your skydiving and canopy skills.

From AFF to Solo/Consolidation jumps

With your AFF Graduation, you will be able to skydive by yourself in a safe way. Your instructor will hand you an official signed and stamped logbook as your certification as well as your AFF video of all your AFF jumps edited with music on DVD (great souvenir for friends and family back home!). From now on, you can skydive at any other Dropzone around the world while constantly updating your experience by logging each jump in your logbook.

Even though you are from now on skydiving on your own, you are officially still in a “student status” until you receive your A-license at a later point. For thus, your instructor will still be supervising you, double checking your equipment before boarding, gives you tips and learning exercises for the next jump and answer any question.

The following solo jumps after your AFF course are so called “cleared for solos / consolidation jumps” in which you will practice, perform and improve your adapted skills. You will count each jump and log them into your logbook. It is important to do so in order to be able to apply for your A-license which requires a minimum of 25 jumps in total (incl. AFF jumps), as well as other requirements (free fall, canopy and landing skills etc. > see also FAQ).

From Static line to AFF

You have already jumped some static line jumps and are frustrated about the stagnation of the course and the slow process of your learning?

You are welcome to switch over to the AFF Method and to continue with the more efficient and faster way of skydiving training. Please pass us your logbook or certification of your jumps in order to check your previous experience. We decide then where you would have to start the AFF and pass you an individual quote for your personally designed course. If you have already completed 10 seconds delay and are cleared for 15 seconds on your static line jumps, you are most likely able to cut into the AFF programme starting on AFF Level 3 (depends on the date of the last jump).