Rating Courses

Are you a passionate skydiver who wants to pass his knowledge to newbies in the sport?

If you are interested in the teaching side of this incredible sport our INSTRUCTORS ACADEMY can lead you through all the needed steps in the education way in order to become a skydiving instructor. Like in every other profession, many different options are possible and are subject to your experience in the sport.

Are the certificates worldwide recognized?

In the international parachuting there are many different head organizations and associations individually in each country. The biggest and worldwide accepted is the USPA (United States Parachute Association) and our Rating Courses are based on their syllabus. The USPA Ratings are recognized worldwide and you are eligible to work with them anywhere. Some individual country regulation might request a cross check or a conversion which is usually with a small administration hassle easily done.

Our USPA Rating Courses

Our Rating courses are held according to the strict outline of the USPA and its syllabus. The complete information regarding USPA’s instructional ratings can be found in the Instructional Rating Manual (IRM) which is available through the USPA. The IRM includes course outlines, evaluation forms, exams and proficiency cards for each rating which are required for each course.

All Instructional Rating candidates must have a copy of the IRM and a recent SIM. The IRM and SIM can be purchased or downloaded through the USPA website and should not be older than 24 months (attention: delivery times by post up to 3 weeks). Prior to the actual rating courses, all candidates need to prepare themselves according to the USPA Proficiency Cards which are to be found in the IRM.