USPA IAD/S-L Instructor Course

In the times of AFF, not all Dropzones are working anymore with the IAD or static-line system. Nevertheless it is still common in the military training and the instructor rating requires a special conducted course.

Requirements for taking the course

  • minimum 18 years of age
  • current USPA Membership (activate or renew through USPA)
  • USPA C-license
  • USPA Coach Rating
  • Minimum of 200 jumps (signed logbook, audible not accepted)
  • Study content of IRM (part IAD/S-L)
  • Fill in pre-requisites on the USPA Proficiency Card
  • Fill in the answer sheet of the Open Book Exam prior to the course (section “General-I” and “IAD/S-L Instructor)

Proficiency Card

The “IAD/S-L Proficiency Card” can be found in the IRM and serves as your rating application to be send to the USPA after the course. Most pre-requisites will be signed off during the course by either Instructor/Examiner or evaluator. However, the tasks no 1 till 8 has to be done prior to the course and has to be signed off by any IAD/S-L Instructor. If you are a current USPA Instructor, you only need to complete no 1-3 and no 10 as pre-requisites.
You can download the USPA IAD/S-L Proficiency Card here.

Course outline

The course takes 3 days (depending on the number of participants) and will start in the classroom at 09:00 am on the first day with verification of all requirements (see above). All candidates should have the needed documentation at hand. The course continues in the classroom while covering the theoretical and practical part of the IAD/S-L section of the IRM and SIM. Each candidate will be evaluated on ground training and on jump master skills.

The requirements for passing the IAD/S-L Instructor Course are depending on the score “satisfactory” for the following sections:

  • IAD: Ability to understand, safely prepare and handle instructor-assisted deployment jumps with hand-deployed pilot chutes during actual IAD jumps using a simulated students either evaluators or jumpers with at least 100 jumps who hold a USPA B or higher license
  • S-L: Ability to understand, safely prepare and handle commonly used static line equipment during actual static line jumps using a simulated students either evaluators or jumpers with at least 100 jumps who hold a USPA B or higher license
  • All candidates: will successfully train, observe, and critique at least one free fall jump taken from the static line and instructor assisted deployment dive flows in Cat. D and perform by the I/E or Evaluators supervised by the I/E during the course (waived for instructors who hold a USPA Instructor rating in another discipline)

Furthermore, each candidate will have to score at least 80% on the written open book exam. Candidates, who have not filled in the exam completely or who did not score 80%, must retake the exam during the course and a 100% score will be required. The proficiency card needs to be signed off completely.

Dates and Registration

For already scheduled courses have a look at our Calendar. You can sign up for the IAD/S-L Instructor Course with this Registration Sheet according to the deadline prior to the course start (make sure to be prepared). Upon registration, we request a deposit of 100,00 Euro which is not refundable by cancellation after the deadline. The rest of the course fee will be paid latest upon arrival on the first day of the course. Prices according to our pricelist.

If you cannot find a suitable course date, please make sure to contact us and inform us about your individual dates. We usually try to organise additional course if our course schedule allows. If you are looking at organising an IAD/S-L Instructor Course at your Dropzone, please contact us via email or phone.