AFF IRC Pre-Course

Our AFF Pre-Course is designed to prepare you properly for the actual AFF Instructor Rating Course which is a very challenging instructor course which requires special flying skills and preparation. The AFF Pre-Course can be booked anytime and by any interested skydiver who would like to become an AFF Instructor. It is open to already register course candidates and other participants who do not have to fulfil all the requirements for the AFF IRC to sign up for this course.

Course outline

The course consists mainly on in-air practice/coaching and can be adjusted in its learning aims as well as duration according to the participants needs and weaknesses. We will train the in-air skills, such as different exits, slot flying and anticipating students movement, presenting hand signals, stopping spins, roll-over scenerarios, assisting with deployment and pulling as well as ground and aircraft handling with students, furthermore debrief techniques.

Tunnel Training

In cooperation with professional Tunnel Coaches, we can incorporate individual tunnel training into your pre-course. Tunnel training has proven to be very valuable and it offers a great learning tool for any skydiver. We recommend tunnel training as AFF pre-course especially to Tandem Masters or Freeflyers who are not very current on their belly flying.

Dates and Registration

The AFF Pre-Course can be found as already scheduled courses (see our Calendar) or can be – like Coaching – booked individually. Please contact us with your enquiry. PRICES according to our pricelist.