Presenting new USPA AFF Instructors

Tuesday, 29.06.2010

During our stay at Skydive Fano in the past week, we also conducted a USPA AFF Instructor Course. The candidates can look back at a excellent performance and we present you four new USPA AFF Instructors: (more…)


Congratulation new USPA Coaches

Saturday, 26.06.2010

During 19.-21. June 2010 we have conducted a USPA Coach Course at Skydive Fano in Italy. Having seen the beautiful Fano-DZ for the first time, we really enjoyed our stay and would like to pass our thanks and gratitude to the DZ Staff and organizers for this opportunity.

It has been a great course upon which (more…)


Congratulations, Barry!

Thursday, 17.06.2010

Another USPA AFF Instructor Course had been held at Skydive Madrid, Ocana and we are happy to announce that BARRY MAPLE (UK) managed to (re-) gain his AFF Instructor Rating. Barry worked very hard over the last years to come this far and to finally being able to get back in the air with students. He did very well and we give a big applause to him! Barry, you are back – and you deserve it!!


Thanks to Skydive Atmosfera in Poland

Wednesday, 9.06.2010

We had a great stay at Skydive Atmosfera in Poland. ItsĀ  a nice DZ with great people and we finished successfully a USPA Coach Course as well as a USPA AFF Instructor Course. We give a big congratulation to: (more…)


USPA News: Membership Versus Ratings

Wednesday, 2.06.2010

Many new rating holders are confused about the relationship between their newly issued ratings and their current memberships. Essentially, membership fees cover a full 12 months of membership, while fees for ratings cover the cost of issuing or renewing a rating, not a stipulated time period. The following should clear up the difference in how USPA handles these two distinct components: (more…)