USPA News: Membership Versus Ratings

Many new rating holders are confused about the relationship between their newly issued ratings and their current memberships. Essentially, membership fees cover a full 12 months of membership, while fees for ratings cover the cost of issuing or renewing a rating, not a stipulated time period. The following should clear up the difference in how USPA handles these two distinct components:

  • USPA membership is good for one year. Adding a rating does not affect the membership expiration date. In other words, if you acquire a new rating at any time during the year, your membership expiration date will remain unchanged.
  • Acquiring a new rating or renewing an expired rating in the middle of your current membership cycle will not extend your membership date. This means that initial ratings will not be valid for a full 12 months unless they were issued at the same time as the membership was renewed. The fee to receive or renew a rating covers only the length of time left in your current membership, regardless of when in the membership cycle you received or renewed it. So even if you just received your rating four months earlier, that rating will still expire on the membership expiration date.
  • Renewing your membership does not automatically renew your ratings. USPA renews ratings only if the rating holder has submitted the proper signatures, fees and documents.
  • The USPA adds 12 months to the current expiration date, regardless of how early you renew. They encourage you to renew when you receive your first renewal notice (app. 4 months before expiration). Responding quickly to the first notice will eliminate the time and expense for USPA to send second and final notices. It also guarantees the continued coverage of your insurance and receipt of your Parachutist magazine and eliminates the need for you to call USPA and expedite your renewal on the last day.