Andreas new USPA AFF-I

Thursday, 22.03.2012

We welcome another course participant from Germany who has been with us in the past: Andreas Zwetsch is back and ready to go for his AFF Instructor evaluations! After a few months break and some tunnel time, Andreas is back in the air and showing great performance on his AFF eval jumps. At the end of the stay, we can congratulate Andreas for passing all the needed jumps and for getting his certificate of being a new USPA AFF Instructor!


Marcus achieves Alicense

Wednesday, 21.03.2012

Our former AFF student Marcus Aulfinger has been with us in sunny Seville and he jumped as much as possible benefiting from fast turn a rounds with the Dornier and great weather conditions. After only a few days, Marcus completed all the requirements for his Alicense and the entire team congratulates him! Great job, Marcus!


Oleg new USPA TandemI

Tuesday, 20.03.2012

Another milestone has been achieved by Oleg from Lithuania. Not only did he manage to get his Coach Rating, but he completed also his tandem evaluation and is now proud owner of the USPA and UPT Tandem Instructor ratings. Congratulations to you Oleg and all the best for your upcoming jumps!


Two new USPA Coaches

Sunday, 18.03.2012

In our March program at Skydive Spain, we were pleased to meet Antony from US and Oleg from Lithuania who participated in the USPA Coach Rating course with Marcus Laser. Both candidates have successfully completed the Coach evaluation and we give a big applause to them for achieving their goal and for being the new USPA Coaches!


Martijn New Tandem I

Wednesday, 14.03.2012

 Our former Coach course participant Martijn from Holland is back! Martijn has booked himself on our tandem instructor course at sunny Skydive Spain. Martijn was well prepared and passed the course with flying colours! Well done and congratulation for being a new USPA and UPT tandem instructor.


Julian, Happy 700!

Monday, 12.03.2012

Our team member and AFF-I Julian Barthel is unstoppable on his development and progress in the sport. He is building up jump numbers and experience of course! During our stay at Skydive Spain, we were able to celebrate his jump number 700! Happy faces after the landing can tell that it must have been a great jump! We say HAPPY 700, Julian and many more ….


Review USPA Safety Day

Friday, 9.03.2012

Our Instructors Academy was part of the annual USPA Safety Day hosted by Greek Freefall Club in Greece. Besides the event organization, two of the seminars were presented by our own Marcus Laser. With more than 60 participants the overall feedback of the whole event was great. We thank everybody for joining and for taking the Safety Issue as important and serious in our sport!


Reunion with George P.

Monday, 27.02.2012

We spent another great weekend at Greek Freefall Club in Greece. The highlight of our stay was the reunion with long time – and no see – friend George P from UK. George is a master rigger and rigger examiner (Congrats!) and we appreciated his expertise on the GFFC rigging loft. Thanks for your support and great to see you again!


Vassilis, new Coach

Sunday, 19.02.2012

During our stay at Greek Freefall Club, Greece during this past weekend, we were able to complete the Coach evaluations of Vassilis Zaimis. Vassilis passed the requested tasks and we congratulate him for being a new USPA Coach. Well done and all the best!


Review Coach Course

Monday, 13.02.2012

With this weekend and despite the unstable weather, we were able to complete the Coaches Evaluations at Greek Freefall Club in Athens, Greece. We give a big applause to the new born Coaches and congratulate:

– Stefanie Goller (Austria)
– Thodoris Douzenis (Greece)

for achieving their USPA Coach Rating. Best of luck with the upcoming coaching jumps and congrats to both of you! We also thank GFFC and its community for their great hospitality!