New IAD Instructors

Friday, 4.07.2014

IAD transilvaniaPresenting 5 new USPA IAD/S-L instructors: congrats to Tibi, Gabi, Mihai, Dragos and Doru! Good stuff! 

A big thank you to Frederic, Doru and Oana for the great organization of our course and the awesome hospitality during our stay. It was a pleasure to visit you!


New TD-I

Thursday, 3.07.2014

Nicol tandem TransilvaniaCongratulations to Nicol for completing his Tandem Instructor Course at Skydive Transilvania as well. Great performance and happy jumps!


New Coaches in Romania

Monday, 30.06.2014

CC TransilvaniaProudly presenting new USPA Coaches made at Skydive Transilvania, Cluj Romania! Well done, guys! Congratulations to Andrei – Lupas – Ovidiu – Adrian – Ciprian – Vasile – Constantin – Oana – Robert – Nicolae!


Review IAD course

Sunday, 15.06.2014

iad irishOur last mission at Skydive Spain was the running of an IAD instructor course for our Irish military friends. The guys use this training methods often and we are glad to present you 3 new USPA IAD instructors: Lee, Roy and Philip! Well done and thanks for your participation and confidence in our training!


Lee, new AFF-I

Thursday, 12.06.2014

lee gradAfter the Coach Rating Course, we continued with the AFF IRC in which we greeted 3 candidates. It worked out for one of them and we present you Lee (from UK) who is now USPA AFF instructor. Well done and big applause to you for a great performance!


New Coaches were born

Tuesday, 10.06.2014

coach course gradWe are back in sunny Spain while spending two weeks at Skydive Spain! Starting with the conducting of a USPA Coach rating course, we are pleased to see 4 out of 5 participants pass the course. Congratulations to Lee, Lee, Roy and Philip for being the new USPA Coaches! Well done.


New Tandem-I’s

Tuesday, 20.05.2014

tandem conversion russiaDuring our stay at Skydive Vatulino in Russia, we were also able to evaluate and convert the experienced and current tandem instructors. All six instructors were well prepared for the UPT and USPA system. So, mission completed and congratulations to Ali – Andrey B – Andrey E – Andrey T – Sergey – Vitaly ! Thanks to you all for the great hospitality and the good times.


Review Coach Rating Course

Friday, 16.05.2014

Coach course russiaWe are happy for another visit at Skydive Vatulino in Russia. A big group of skydivers greeted us while conducting a USPA Coach rating Course. The weather was acceptable, the performance good and the help of our Russian friends great which resulted in a successful completion of the Coach Rating evaluation. Congratulations to you all for being new Coaches:

Ali – Artur – Anton – Alexandr – Aleksandr – Andrey B. – Ksenia – Sergey – Vitaly – Vladimir – Vladislav – Yuri


A-license achieved

Sunday, 27.04.2014

michi4During his stay at sunny Skydive Spain, we accompanied our German student Michael and guided him along learning and developing every day. After 10 days he returns happy and proud as he acquired his skydiving A-license in a full swing. Very well done and big applause to you from all of us.


New Coach Martin

Wednesday, 23.04.2014

Zuber CoachAnother German skydiver found his way to our school and his training in sunny Skydive Spain. Learning how to teach skydiving lessons, Martin Zuber booked the USPA Coach Rating Course as first step in becoming an AFF instructor. Well done, Martin! Congratulations from us for achieving this milestone.