UPT launched new website

Friday, 25.05.2012

The worldwide leading tandem manufacturer UPT (United Parachute Technologies) have updated their website and provide now clearer outline and information through internet. For all of you interested in becoming a UPT Tandem Instructor, you can find all the course material (manuals, exams etc) through the TANDEM / CERTIFICATION information, following also this link. Check it out and let us know if you need further assistance.


Welcome from the UK

Tuesday, 22.05.2012

Escaping from cold England, we were happy to meet instructor Herve, student Joseph and funjumper Moira who booked themselves into a skydiving weekend in sunny Greece, at the beautiful DZ of Greek Freefall Club. The mission was to get Joseph through his AFF program with Herve and Marcus on his sides. The plan was nice, the days great and the jumps good! Overall, the guys had a fantastic time and we say thank you for your visit and hope to see you all back soon!


Dimitra, new USPA Coach

Monday, 14.05.2012

While again in sunny Greece, we were pleased to see Dimitra back for her Coach Evaluation process after having the Coach Course started a few weeks back. Marcus examined her performance and we can proudly present her as the new USPA Coach as everything went well. Congratulations to you, Dimitra! Have fun with your upcoming coaching jumps!


USPA advices to FAI licenses

Wednesday, 9.05.2012

For the USPA Rating Courses, each participant must possess either USPA or FAI license which brings a lot of confusion and misinformation – especially in Europe. Many countries are listing “affiliate” or “member of the FAI” on their cards. Being a member of the FAI does not automatically make the license an internationally recognized COP. Also many countries issue FAI Sporting licenses to their members. FAI Sporting Licenses are not accepted by USPA towards any license or rating. FAI COP (Certificate of Proficiency) – commonly called a license in the U.S. – This is issued in 4-levels (A, B, C & D) and represents level of skydiving proficiency. This is the international standard that participating countries pledge to follow, if they wish for their COP/license to be recognized internationally. The FAI COP must include among others: the FAI Logo, the title “International Parachutist Certificate” and “Federation Aeronautique Internationale”. For more information, please contact our Office.


Kostas, new AFF-I

Tuesday, 8.05.2012

While in Greece, we conducted another USPA AFF Instructor Course as well and we greeted three candidates for the course. After the week, we were able to congratulate Konstantinos Livanos (from Greece) for his newly gained AFF-I rating.  This time, it did not work out for Erez and Vadim but we are sure to see you back soon. We thank you all for your visit to GFFC and your participation!


Coach Recurrency

Saturday, 5.05.2012

We were pleased to greet two skydivers from Israel to Greece: welcome Vadim Venger and Erez Hardon who decided to get their Coach Rating renewed as well as go for their AFF-I training. Both skydivers are already experienced jumpers and tandem instructors in Israel. At Greek Freefall Club, Marcus completed the recurrency training with them and we say congrats for having the Coach Rating updated again!


German Skydivers in Greece

Wednesday, 2.05.2012

Due to the holiday on May 1st, we experienced a long weekend at Greek Freefall Club in Greece.  A good opportunity for our German former students and friends to join us for some skydives in sunny Greece. The guys were unstoppable for jumping and besides a lot of fun and laughs we had many celebrations:

Marcus Aulfinger 50 jumps / Stephan Konz 50 jumps / Marc Volle A-license / Julian Barthel 750 jumps / Bernd Lahme 1000 jumps

We had a very good time and thank you all for your visit. Congratulations to your round numbers and your progress in the sport!