USPA advices to FAI licenses

For the USPA Rating Courses, each participant must possess either USPA or FAI license which brings a lot of confusion and misinformation – especially in Europe. Many countries are listing “affiliate” or “member of the FAI” on their cards. Being a member of the FAI does not automatically make the license an internationally recognized COP. Also many countries issue FAI Sporting licenses to their members. FAI Sporting Licenses are not accepted by USPA towards any license or rating. FAI COP (Certificate of Proficiency) – commonly called a license in the U.S. – This is issued in 4-levels (A, B, C & D) and represents level of skydiving proficiency. This is the international standard that participating countries pledge to follow, if they wish for their COP/license to be recognized internationally. The FAI COP must include among others: the FAI Logo, the title “International Parachutist Certificate” and “Federation Aeronautique Internationale”. For more information, please contact our Office.