USPA ratings for Armando

Tuesday, 22.09.2015

armando convFrom Italy to Spain, we are happy to greet Armando who is already an experienced instructor. Armando had the goal to convert all his instructional ratings to the USPA system. Easily said and done! Congratulations to you!


Sam is back

Monday, 21.09.2015

sam pavonOur former student and friend Samantha is back on our side. This time, her Coach Rating needed to be renewed and after a short recurrency training, Sam is back on track. Well done, girl and have fun working with it!


New IAD’s made in Transilvania

Friday, 18.09.2015

new IADciprian iadWe are having a great time at Skydive Transilvania while completing our second mission: the USPA IAD/SL Instructor Course. Well done and congrats to the new rating holders: Diana, Adi, Vlad, Sebastian, Ciprian! Thanks to Frederic and Doru for their assistance.



New Coaches made in Transilvania

Wednesday, 16.09.2015

new coaches TransilvaniaIt’s always nice to be back at Skydive Transilvania. Our first mission is completed! Congratulations to the new USPA Coaches Ileana Oprea, Mihai Todorut, Claudia Juncu, Ionut Macai and Sebastian Stana from Skydive Transilvania. Great job done by you all!


AFF Students from Germany

Sunday, 30.08.2015

manfred_florianWe are happy to greet some German fellows with us in Spain: Manfred (father) and Florian (son) are ready to feel some adrenaline. After completing today’s ground school, they are almost prepared to take the plunge during their AFF course. All the best to you both and have fun in the Spanish sky.


Presenting new AFF-I’s

Wednesday, 22.07.2015

juliane_timmiWhile the Spanish heat is almost unbearable, we are still in and out of the sky over Bollullos. After one week of hard work, we are proud to present two new USPA AFF Instructors: congratulations to Timmi and Juliane for successfully completing yet another milestone in their skydiving career. All the best for your upcoming student work.


Juliane, new Coach

Wednesday, 15.07.2015

juliane coachWe give a warm welcome to Swiss skydiver Juliane who visits us in Spain in order to go for her USPA Coach Rating. Juliane did well and after 3 days, we can congratulate her to her successful achievement. Well done!


Russian Coaches

Friday, 19.06.2015

vatulinoOur Coach rating Course at Skydive Vatulino was a great success. We are pleased to present you the new USPA Coaches: Yan Bashinskiy, Kirill Khokhlov, Aleksandr Moskovtsev, Aleksey Nikiforov, Aleksandr Gladyshev, Artem Tyryshkin, Vladimir Zaluzhniy, Denis Barsukov, Oksana Marusechko, Denis Myachenkov, Alena Luchagena, Konstantin Voloschuk and Artem Zavgorodniy.

Special thanks to the evaluators, Anton Gilev, Peter Psurtsev, Daria Efremova, Irina Baskova and Aleksey Perepelov. Well done.


TD Conversion

Tuesday, 16.06.2015

vatu_TD convWe have also organized another UPT/USPA Tandem Rating Conversion course at Skydive Vatulino in Russia and we are pleased to see all candidates pass the evaluation. Congratulations to Artem, Aleksey and Yan and thanks to Peter and Anton for assisting on the course. It was a pleasure training with you!



Friday, 12.06.2015

vatu inna AFFDuring our stay in Russia, we are pleased to train with the experienced AFF instructor Inna Volobueva and be able to successfully convert her Russian AFF Instructor rating to USPA. Well done, girl and big applause to you!