Oscar new AFF-I

Tuesday, 26.03.2013

AFF IRC evals GFFCWe are again pleased by the visit of our Spanish Coaches and friends Julio and Oscar who travelled to Greece in order to complete their AFF evaluations. Having started the course in January, the weather unfortunately did not allow to perform all the needed evaluation tasks. This weekend, the skies were blue and we are proud to present Oscar as new USPA AFF Instructor. Congratulations to you and all the best with your future work as skydive instructor. Thanks to you all for your visit and thanks to GFFC for their hospitality!


USPA Safety Day @GFFC

Friday, 22.03.2013

USPA Safety day at GFFCIn collaboration with the Greek Freefall Club (GFFC), we are pleased to have hosted the anual USPA Safety Day 2013 in Athens and were really happy to see more then 60 participants and skydivers joining. As every year, the Safety Day is organized to inform about safety aspects in the sport, such as rigging and maintenance of equipment, plane and exit procedures, canopy or formation skills or any other discipline – the event was rounded up with refreshments, catering and Tshirts for all. Thanks to all for joining and stay safe everyone! Safety first!


AFF IRC celebrations

Saturday, 16.03.2013

AFF IRC SevilleOur stay at Skydive Spain DZ has been completed with a AFF Instructor Rating Course. All participants were eager to complete their evaluation briefings and in-air tasks, but only two candidates succeeded. Congratulations to Arvid (Sweden) and to Giorgio (Italy) for passing their evals and for becoming the new USPA AFF instructors. Congrats and lots of fun with your upcoming students!

We thank you all for booking yourself into our school and thanks to the entire team of Skydive Spain for the – as always – great hospitality (especially Peter for the evaluator assistance and Iwan for the videos). We will be back!!


Coach Course completed

Wednesday, 13.03.2013

Coach Course sevilleDespite the challanging weather in southern Spain, we were able to complete the evaluation of all USPA Coach Rating Course candidates and are happy to prounounce another three new USPA Coaches: Giorgio (Italy), Emily (UK) and Roser (Spain) did all very well! Congratulations and thanks for joining!


New Coaches were born

Monday, 11.03.2013

coach graduatesWe are once more back at Skydive Spain, in the beautiful area of Sevilla in Andalucia, in order to run a Coach Rating Course and AFF Instructor Course back to back. Despite the unkind weather we were able to complete the first three candidates and present you the new born USPA Coaches: Alberto (Spain), Ignacio (Spain) and Dorin (Romania). Congratulations to you three and have fun with your upcoming Coaching jumps!


New TD-I Alejandro

Tuesday, 5.03.2013

Alejandro Tandem MasterWe were pleased by the visit of the South-American couple Rossina (Uruguay) and Alejandro (Argentina) who have moved to Europe in order to work in the skydiving industry. While Rossina has already managed her tandem rating in the past, it was now turn for Alejandro to become a USPA and UPT Tandem Instructor. Ale did a great job and showed the needed performance on his evaluation. We therefore are happy to present him as a new tandem instructor and wish him the best of luck for his upcoming working season! Thanks to Greek Freefall Club for the nice hospitality and thanks to Rossina for giving a hand during the course!


Alberto back in business

Saturday, 2.03.2013

Alberto Tandem MasterWe welcome Alberto from Mexico who is already long time in the sport and a very experienced tandem master. Alberto has been without jumping for a while and wanted to get back into business for this season. He took the initiative and travelled to Greece for a weekend where Marcus trained him on his recurrency procedures. With a short refresher and some recurrency jumps, Alberto is now back in the air and ready to take passengers for a joy ride. Thanks for your visit and have a great season!