PD Flight-1 Canopy Course

Tuesday, 29.11.2011

In collaboration with PD flight-1, our Instructors Academy organized a 5-days Canopy Course at Greek Freefall Club in Greece. This course was one of the first canopy courses in Greece ever and the demand was great. We were pleased to welcome PD Flight-1 team member Brian Vacher for his essential and advanced courses. The participants were amazed by the knowledge and the skills and each one of them gave a very positive feedback to the course. Another milestone has been reached for GFFC club members on the way to compete with European Standards. We thank Brian for such an amazing course  as well as thank all 25 participants for joining!

Due to the great demand, we will repeat and organize another Canopy Course with Brian during January 20-23, 2012. Registration now open!


Two new Coaches

Saturday, 12.11.2011

During November 8-10, 2011 we were pleased to conduct another USPA Coach Rating Course at the Spanish Dropzone of Skydive Lillo. The weather was grant, the candidates were well prepared and we completed the course easily in 3 days. Congratulations to their new USPA Coach Rating:

– Sofia Machado (Portugal)
– Raul Ramos (Spain)

Big applause to you and well done! We thank you for booking in and thank Skydive Lillo for their hospitality during the course days.



New SIM available

Thursday, 3.11.2011

The USPA has published the new SIM (Skydiver Information Manual) for the year 2012/13. This is a must have manual for all skydivers and instructors. It can be downloaded free of charge or can be purchased in hardcopy format through the USPA Online Shop. Get your copy now!


Review last Tandem Course

Wednesday, 2.11.2011

While the DZ of Greek Freefall Club (GFFC) near Athens, Greece is developing and growing, the need for tandem instructors arouse. We are pleased that Instructors Academy is a part of their development and we are happy to train their staff members as well.  After a throrough theoretical part as well as 10 tandem jumps, we can congratulate the candidates for their successful completion and present two new USPA/UPT Tandem Instructors:

– Spyros Kalatzis (Greece)
– Evangelos Nioukas (Greece)

We give a big hand to you and wish you all the best with the upcoming “real” tandem jumps. Once more we also thank GFFC and its community for their hospitality and support!