Tandem Refresher

Friday, 28.10.2011

During our stay at Greek Freefall Club (GFFC) in Greece, we also had the opportunity to do a recurrency tandem training. After a break and no jumping tandems, Alex decided to go for a refresher course and to get current again. After some classroom and ground work, its time to go for his refresher jumps with passenger Billy. Alex did a great job and he is now back on his tandem jumping! Well done, mate!


New Coaches and IAD-Is

Monday, 24.10.2011

We are pleased to spend another week at the beautiful DZ of Greek Freefall Club (GFFC) near Athens, Greece and we are mostly pleased to greet two members of the Irish Military. Its not the first time that our school trains with the Irish Military and its always a pleasure to do so.  This time, the two skydivers Alex and Billy booked themselves for the USPA Coach Rating and IAD Instructor Course. We had some great training days with very disciplined and well prepared candidates! It was easy going for them to successfully complete the courses and we like to congratulate them big times! Well done:

– Alex Wilczynski (Coach/IAD)
– Billy Hedderman (Coach/IAD)

We thank you and the Irish Defense Forces for their collaboration and we thank everybody at GFFC for their support and outstanding hospitality!


AFF-I PreCourse

Monday, 3.10.2011

The AFF Instructor PreCourse is a great training opportunity for those skydivers interested in becoming a AFF instructor. The Precourse is not mandatory for the attendance of the actual AFF IRC but our experience shows that the passing rate will be much greater. This past weekend, we spent again the days at the beautiful DZ of Greek Freefall Club while training two ongoing AFF Instructor Candidates on the precourse. We thank Olga and Kostas for joining and wish them all the best for their upcoming AFF instructor course.