Review Parasummer 2010

Thursday, 22.07.2010

Having returned from Parasummer 2010 – Estonian Skydiving Boogie, we say THANK YOU for a great time and wonderful hospitality. Big applause to the Estonian girls for Women Record and Lingerie jump! Congratulation to VEIKO SEPANDI for finishing (more…)



Sunday, 18.07.2010

USPA News:

Many new rating holders are confused about the relationship between their newly issued ratings and their current membership. Here is the difference:
1. USPA membership is valid for one year (12 months). Adding a new rating or renewing an expired rating does not affect the membership expiration date.
2. Renewing your membership does not automatically renew your ratings. USPA renews ratings only if the rating holder has submitted the proper signatures, fees and documents.


Successful AFF IRC at Skydive Madrid

Saturday, 17.07.2010

Another great training week accomplished! With hot temperatures underneath typical Spanish sun, we continued with candidates of previous courses for the evaluation on the AFF Instructor jumps at Skydive Madrid, Ocana. The candidates which travelled from Cyprus, Greece and Crete to visit us in Spain managed to get their practice jumps as well as evaluations done in between this 4 day training camp. (more…)


Irish Defence Forces Training Camp

Sunday, 11.07.2010

We were happy to greet once more a group of the Irish Defence Forces for their training here with us in Spain. The schedule was tight, the days were long and the training was very hart, but successful and besides military ratings and a lot of (fun-) jumps, we can also present new USPA rated instructors. (more…)