Membership, License and Ratings Basics

USPA’s Membership department receives calls on a daily basis from members confused about renewing their memberships, licenses or ratings. Some of this confusion is based on incorrect information passed on by instructors or even instructor examiners. Below are a few helpful facts. Please help disseminate the correct information:


  • Regular membership starts when USPA receives your completed application and expires 12 months later.
  • Membership is independent of licenses and ratings; newly issued licenses and ratings have no effect on the expiration date of a membership.


  • USPA issues licenses only to current regular members. Temporary members are not eligible to receive a license.
  • Licenses are current as long as your membership is current.
  • Obtaining a license does not extend your membership.
  • There is no requirement to renew your license other than possessing a current membership.


  • USPA issues ratings only to regular members, not temporary members.
  • The initial rating fee covers only the processing of the rating.
  • Your initial rating expires when your current membership expires, i.e., your initial rating could be valid for as little as one month or up to 12 months.
  • Signature(s) are required for initial applications, as well as subsequent renewals.
  • To renew your tandem rating, a current valid medical certificate must accompany the renewal application each year.