Load Organizing at Skydive Spain

From Tuesday till Thursday (March 8-10, 2011) we have been back at the DZ of Skydive Spain. Marcus Laser was busy with Load Organizing in Formation Skydiving for a group of German and Danish jumpers who came for their 1-2 weeks trips to sunny Andalucia.  Everybody had a good time with lots of 4-way and bigger formation skydives while enjoying the good weather after a stormy first day. We celebrated some round numbers:

– Mike Döding (jump 1000)
– Sandra Philipp (jump 100)
– Frank Adams (jump 100)

Congratulations to you!!  Thanks to all the participants and of course the hosting Dropzone, Skydive Spain, for their support and hospitality! More pictures can be found on our FACEBOOK page … follow the link!