Back at Skydive Spain

Wednesday, 14.09.2016

09_14-scotty-milneIt is good to see your English friend and external AFF School back at Skydive Spain. We enjoy the visit and its always nice to work with professionals. Thanks Scotty.


Another AFF-I

Monday, 12.09.2016
09_12-judith-silva-aff-ircCongratulations to Judith Silva for earning her USPA AFF Instructor rating. Enhorabuena !!! Thanks to Skydive Spain for the great support and all the best to Judith for her upcoming student training. You will enjoy it!

New Coach Examiner

Tuesday, 6.09.2016

09_04-peter-psurtsev-coach-exCongratulations to our Russian friend Peter Psurtsev for becoming a USPA Coach/Examiner.  That is great news for a lot of work and a huge effort. Well done and congratulations from all of us!


Conversion completed

Monday, 5.09.2016

09_04-stanislav-umnov-convCongratulations to Stanislav Umnov for successfully converting his TD and AFF Instructor ratings into USPA Ratings. Well done and keep up the standards!


Back at Skydive Vatulino

Sunday, 4.09.2016

09_04_-anton-zhbanov-and-mariya09_04_-anton-zhbanov-and-mariya-jpg2Coach Course successful completion for Anton Zhbanov and Mariya Sherbakova! Congratulations! Great work from Coach/Examiner candidate Peter Psurtsev as well. Thanks to Skydive Vatulino for the great hospitality and organization.