New Tandem-I’s

Tuesday, 20.05.2014

tandem conversion russiaDuring our stay at Skydive Vatulino in Russia, we were also able to evaluate and convert the experienced and current tandem instructors. All six instructors were well prepared for the UPT and USPA system. So, mission completed and congratulations to Ali – Andrey B – Andrey E – Andrey T – Sergey – Vitaly ! Thanks to you all for the great hospitality and the good times.


Review Coach Rating Course

Friday, 16.05.2014

Coach course russiaWe are happy for another visit at Skydive Vatulino in Russia. A big group of skydivers greeted us while conducting a USPA Coach rating Course. The weather was acceptable, the performance good and the help of our Russian friends great which resulted in a successful completion of the Coach Rating evaluation. Congratulations to you all for being new Coaches:

Ali – Artur – Anton – Alexandr – Aleksandr – Andrey B. – Ksenia – Sergey – Vitaly – Vladimir – Vladislav – Yuri