New TD-I’s in Namibia

Monday, 24.02.2014

Swakopmund TD ICLast but not least, we have conducted a USPA Tandem Instructor Course at the beautiful DZ of Swakopmund Skydiving Club in Namibia. The five candidates showed great performance and we are able to complete this mission successfully as well! Congratulations to you all and thanks a lot for your great hospitality and the good times we spent with you over the past weeks! We are presenting the new USPA Tandem Instructors:

Zandy Marais – Fred Brody – Thys Potgieter – David Botha – Francois Krös


New AFF-I’s

Thursday, 20.02.2014

AFF conversionAnother mission for us at Swakopmund Skydiving Club was the converting of the AFF instructor ratings to USPA. The instructors and staff already possess Namibian AFF ratings and are very experienced instructors having trained many students. It was our pleasure to evaluate them and to be able to convert their AFF ratings also to USPA.

Well done: Edward Techman – Michael Louw – Francois Krös


New S-L Instructors

Tuesday, 18.02.2014

Swakopmund SLDuring our stay at Swakopmund Skydiving Club in Namibia, we have also trained and evaluated some of the instructors on the Static line system as they are practicing this method as well on student jumping. We have successfully completed this 3 days course as well and present the three new USPA S-L instructors:

Edward Techman – Francois Krös – David Botha


New Coaches in Namibia

Saturday, 15.02.2014

Swakopmund CoachesWe are pleased to travel to Namibia for the first time and to visit the DZ of Swakopmund Skydiving Club. We were greeted with open arms and with a warm welcome. Our first mission was to conduct the USPA Coach Rating Course and we can congratulate all 7 candidates for being new USPA Coaches! Well done to:

Edward Techman – Michael Louw – Francois Krös – Zandy Marais – Fred Brody – Thys Potgieter – David Botha