Andrei, new TD-I

Wednesday, 22.01.2014

GFFC Andrei macheWe welcome Andrei Machedon who travelled from Romania to Greece in order to go for his Tandem Instructor Rating. Andrei did a great job and performed well, we are delighted to see him passing the course. Congratulations to you and have a great season ahead!


Review last Coach Course

Friday, 17.01.2014

GFFC Coach Course EAnother USPA Coach Rating Course was conducted by Marcus with the assistance of Julian (who is working on getting his Coach Examiner) at the Greek Freefall Club. Two of the three candidates managed to complete their evaluation successfully and we are happy to congratulate Elias Voskakis and Eva Pasiniou for getting this achievement done. Well done!


Egor, new AFF-I

Friday, 10.01.2014

egor AFFWe are happy to present you another USPA AFF-I from Russia: Egor Savelyev just completed his AFF Evaluation at Greek Freefall Club in Greece. Egor worked hard to achieve this milestone and we are pleased to see him going down this road! Have a great season with your new students.