Jumping in the Cold? Consider This!

Wednesday, 28.11.2012

As summer temperatures begin to drop with the approach of the winter season, appropiate clothing and gloves will be necessary for skydiving in the cold. For many new jumpers, this will be their first (beer?) experience with jumping in cooler temperatures. When bundling up to stay warm, make sure you can still reach and operate all of your handles and that none of the handles are obstructed in any way. Gloves need to be thick enough to offer protection, but thin enough that you can still feel and grab the handles on your container, as well as your steering toggles. Many outdoor outfitters and skydiving equipment retailers offer gloves and clothing that work great for keeping warm when the freefall gets cold. Always consult with the DZ Staff before trying something new – SAFETY FIRST everyone!


USPA Board Meeting concludes

Thursday, 15.11.2012

Beginning January 1, 2013, the stamped A-license proficiency and progression cards will no longer be considered valid licenses beyond 60 days. They can still be used to apply for an A license beyond this timeframe.
Also beginning January 1, all USPA instructional rating applications will require a valid USPA license in lieu of the FAI equivalent.
Beginning January 1, 2013, foreign drop zones will be eligible to apply for USPA’s new Foreign-Affiliate program. The USPA Group Member program has been modified to include only U.S.-based drop zones.



Coach Course in Greece

Monday, 5.11.2012

During the first weekend in November we conducted another USPA Coach Course at Greek Freefall Club in Greece.We greeted three candidates from Spain, Romania and Greece and thank you all for your visit and participation. Finally, we were able to congratulate Fernando and Frederic for their achievement. Congrats to your newly gained Coach Rating and good luck with your upcoming coaching work.