New AFF Instructors

Monday, 15.10.2012

During our stay at Skydive Nuggets, we also conducted a USPA AFF Instructor Course. This course takes 6 days and includes class room work, ground preparations and in-air evaluations. Both candidates came well prepared and did a great job. Congratulations to Emiel and Stefan for your successful performance during the course! You deserved your Instructor Rating and have fun with your future students.


New USPA Coaches

Sunday, 7.10.2012

We are pleased to be back at Skydive Nuggets, in the beautiful town of Leutkirch Germany in order to run a USPA Coach Rating Course. Thanks to the helping hands of the Skydive Nuggets staff and the good preparation of the course candidates, we were able to complete the course duringĀ  the planned 3 days and congratulate all four participants for their successful achievement. We therefore present the new USPA Coaches: Andrei, Fransiszka, Richard and Stefan! Congratulations and well done!


Chris, new TD-I

Monday, 1.10.2012

Our applause goes out to Christian from Switzerland for completing his USPA/UPT Tandem Instructor Training with us in Greece! Congratulations to you from us all! We thank you for your visit and course booking with us and wish you all the best and always safe jumps with your future tandem passengers.