Saskia graduated AFF

Thursday, 26.07.2012

We give a warm welcome to Saskia from Germany who travelled to Greece for a skydiving weekend. Saskia wanted to learn how to skydive in only a few days and booked herself into one of our AFF courses. As planned, Saskia graduated from AFF, managed a few solo jumps and leaves with 11 jumps logged after the weekend. Great success for her and us of course! Thanks for the visit and congratulation for being a new skydiver now!


German Skydivers in Greece

Monday, 23.07.2012

We are pleased to see our German skydiver friends and former Students Marcus and Stephan back in sunny Greece. Both enjoy taking a trip down south as the weather and the attitude suits them. Besides having fun, the guys trained hard and have set the new Greek Freefall Record with 25 jumps in only 2 days! And this happened despite almost 40°C temperatures! Well done!!


Review Water Training

Saturday, 21.07.2012

One of the requirements for the USPA B-license is the Live Water Training which is a fun but very important and live saving training. Organized with the Greek Freefall Club, we conducted our live water training in Athens gathering a group of 8 skydivers for their training. All of them passed the course and enjoyed the cool refreshment on a hot summer day! Thanks to the pool host Pavlos and thanks to all the participants for joining!



D-License training

Sunday, 15.07.2012

Achieving the USPA D-License in Europe is not always an easy tasks as one of the requirements to get it are the night jumps. Night jumps are not often allowed or offered in most countries. Three of our Greek skydivers did not spare the hassle in travelling to Hungary, where they managed to organize the night jumps. Upon return to GFFC, they took their license exam with Marcus and we are pleased to get them signed off for their D-license achievements. Well done: Nikos, Ioannis and Costas!


Andreas, new Coach

Monday, 9.07.2012

We congratulate Andreas Barbetseas from Greece for becoming a new USPA Coach during our training at Greek Freefall Club near Athens. Andreas just started skydiving last summer and has now about 120 jumps and some tunnel time already. He is very straight forward with his goal in becoming a AFF instructor eventually. For now, the first hurdle has been taken. Congratz to you Andreas and all the best!