Thomas new USPA Coach

Monday, 30.01.2012

Another USPA Coach Rating Course was held at Greek Freefall Club in Greece, which is a all year round DZ located close to Athens. With this course, we can present one more new USPA Coach: Thomas Thanos from Athens successfully completed his evaluation process. Congratulations from all of us to you! We thank also Vangelis for his help on the course and the entire community of GFFC for the – as always – outstanding hospitality.



Stephan goes AFF

Wednesday, 25.01.2012

Jumpable january weather greeted us in Greece. Together with AFF Refresher student Marcus, we were happy to meet Stephan Konz who travelled also all the way from Germany to Athens. Stephan decided to book himself into the complete AFF course and we can see him here ready to go for his very first AFF skydive with instructors Julian and Nikos. We welcome you to our school and wish you all the best for a great AFF course.


Marcus cleared for solo

Tuesday, 24.01.2012

During January 20-22, 2012 we were pleased to meet former AFF student Marcus Aulfinger from Germany at Greek Freefall Club in Greece. Marcus has not jumped in almost one year and he decided to get back in the air. Easily said and done, after a ground school refresher, Marcus is ready to jump again with instructor Marcus on his side. Having completed a few AFF jumps, Marcus is cleared again for his solo jumps which he cant wait to do soon! Congrats to you for being back and thanks for your visit to Greece.


Thomas, new Tandem-I

Sunday, 22.01.2012

Please join us and give a big hand to Thomas Vouzonis from Greece who managed to complete his USPA and UPT Tandem Instructor Rating at the beautiful DZ of Greek Freefall Club, located near Athens Greece. During his course, we had some helping “passengers” and we thank Tomi, Julian and Dimitra for jumping with Thomas. Congratulations from us all and welcome to the world of tandem masters 🙂


Review UPT Tandem IC

Friday, 13.01.2012

During our stay at Skydive Sardegna we were able to conduct as well a UPT tandem instructor course. The participant was Nadja Wegner from Germany and she completed the course successfully. Thanks to Nadja for her visit to Italy and thanks to Sandro for assisting on this course. Well done Nadja and all the best on your further career as tandem master.



Congratz to Francesco

Thursday, 5.01.2012

During our stay at the beautiful DZ of Skydive Sardegna we greeted also Francesco Ferrandino from Italy. Francesco was one of our former candidates for AFF instructor but did not finish his evaluation at that time. Francesco is now back in the air with evaluator and he did well and passed the jumps. We congratulate Francesco and wish him best of luck with his future students!

We thank Valentino and Sandro for their assistance on the jumps as well as the entire community of Skydive Sardegna for the great hospitality!


New AFF Instructor

Wednesday, 4.01.2012

Just like the last years, we like the opportunity to travel to Skydive Sardegna, Italy –  the DZ which usually offers a christmas boogie during December/January. This time, it was just a short stay for us and unfortunately the weather was not so favourable. Nevertheless we were able to complete the AFF-I Evaluation with Pierangelo Cangi from Italy who is now a new USPA AFF Instructor. Congratulations to you, Piero! You did an awesome job and you well deserve it!


Prices 2012

Monday, 2.01.2012

We wish everybody a happy new year and hope that you all had a good jump into 2012. Back to business we would like to inform you that our fees for courses and other services will remain the same as last year. There will be no price increase in 2012 and we sure hope, you are all pleased to hear that. Lets have an exciting but safe season and looking forward to greet “old” and “new” faces around the dropzones.